A Brief Outline On Oracle DBA Salary And The Scope Today

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“Scope of Oracle Database Administration Career”   Database administration means, person who takes care of your important data and databases. There is vital role of database administration in global industry. Managing database, administrating database, tuning database, securing database, backing up database are main tasks of database administrator in database administration role. Most of the businesses require database solution for the smooth running of their day to day activities. These servers are used to store a huge...

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Career Growth-Hopefulness Helps

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Career Growth-Hopefulness and Confidence Helps What assists in expansion of our profession? A good sketch, capability to do the job successfully, developing the existing techniques, boosting the competence, improving the profits, and achieving the job to fulfillment. What in addition? The title of this article talks of confidence and hopefulness. What about that? What is confidence and hopefulness? Hopefulness represents to believe that things will turn out Ok. Not to look at each circumstances depressingly, but hope for the most excellent....

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Oracle DBA Interview Questions

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Oracle DBA Interview Questions Answers Why I wrote Oracle DBA Interview Questions Book: I have seen so many older articles of Oracle DBA Interview on web. Those older articles are providing some good interview questions but answers are not proper and confusing because so many people replied on same thread with different answers. Most of replies are not valid and satisfying question. Another important thing is that, all materials and resources on web contain obsolete Oracle DBA Interview questions because those are older than 3-4 years....

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New Launch of 4th Edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions Book today

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We are proudly announcing to new publishing of 4th edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions Book of Gitesh Trivedi today. Kendba announced to publish 4th edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions book with real time scenario based interview questions and answers. According to Gitesh Trivedi – Author of book, “ It would great help for Oracle communities in both ways, interview preparation and ready reference”. Sunit Joshi the spokesman of stated, “ This is wonderful book for IT techies who are interesting to appear in...

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Oracle Database Cluster Failover Concept

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Oracle Database Cluster failover concept Oracle RAC and Oracle database cluster both are different things. This video shows exact concept of Oracle database failover. This concept is differing than real application clusters. Because in this concept, database resides on only active node, it would be switched to another passive node while active node fails. For more detail with Oracle DBA courses and Oracle DBA Interview Questions...

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Smart Salary Negotiation

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Salary Negotiation – Most Important Part of Oracle DBA Job Interview “Using smart techniques you can get success in crucial part of negotiation” Last and most important part of Oracle DBA job interviews (even of any job interview) is the salary negotiation. Negotiator acts for company’s benefit and you need to act for your benefit. Alas…!!! Sound is tough!! No. It is very easy part of job interview. Only thing, you should need to act smart and take decision smart and quick. You should need to keep in mind...

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Perfect Career Making

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6 Ways to Isolate Your Perfect Career Have you ever felt stuck in your career?  Worker stress plus burn out can account for plenty of dissatisfaction in your life.  After all, you are at work some 8 hours a day or more.  That’s 1/3 of your day in case you don’t count sleep.  That’s a long time to be dissatisfied. In case you feel stuck, here are 6 great ways to find your ideal career: 1.   Brainstorm on a sheet of paper – I have talked about this before plus it’s a strategy I use on a regular basis.  Get a pad of document...

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What is Database

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What is Database? What is Relational Database System? Database is a collection of facts and figures that are saved in the form of a record under a parameter or a name. These records are saved in a sequential form and can be retrieved by using the reference address of their location on the record holder or the parameter under which they are located. Computer database is a structure of cells made from columns and rows that work simultaneously to generate space for the data to be stored in electronic form. These data safe heavens are designed...

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DBA Earning

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Why Oracle DBA earn more than other DBA? “Salary and Demand of Oracle DBA always high” Oracle database products are used and loved by majority of corporations all over globe. These database solutions are the top selling and applied solutions in the market today. 11g the latest product is dependable, durable, and easy to install and manage. These products also save allot of overhead expenses and can easily be maintained by an Oracle DAB. Business cannot survive a day without the DBA. There are other database solutions too such as...

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Fake resume and IT

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How firms are able to identify or verify fake experience in the resume? Many people are in a constant bid to look for greener pastures in their careers. The starting point is usually in creating curriculum vitae. Due to the burning desire of rising in to high echelons in the job ladder, one may fall into the temptation of faking information of  his or her resume just to fit the requirements of  a job there are a targeting. What such people do not realize is that performance forms the yardstick of security in employment and thus the...

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