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How to Ace Oracle DBA Interview Questions , Oracle APPS DBA Interview Questions, Oracle RAC DBA Interview Questions and many more Interview Questions and Answers – A Quick Guide


Difficult Oracle DBA Interview Questions and How to Deal with Them

Most Oracle DBA interview questions are designed to assess your skills as a DBA, but some may serve a different, hidden purpose. As an Oracle DBA, you are justifiably proud of your skills, but seem to have difficulty convincing prospective employers of the level of your expertise. Alternatively, you may have just started out in the Oracle DBA field, and are trying to gain work experience and expertise. In all events, you must remember encounter Oracle DBA interview questions that still rankle in your memory.

The difficulty faced by most excellent DBA’s is in the interview section of your job application. Most Oracle DBA interview questions are designed to challenge your brain to come up with answers to technical questions. Others are designed to see how you interact with superiors and colleagues in an office environment. The trick is to see which Oracle DBA interview questions fall into which category. To accomplish this you need training in Oracle DBA interview questions and techniques.

The methods of dealing with Oracle DBA interview questions are simple, but they need to practice under real-time interview conditions. With over 15 years’ experience in handling and answering Oracle DBA interview questions, both on the HR and technical sides, the team can help you with figuring out what to do after you have got your foot in the door. Remember that being called for a job interview is actually only the second step in the employment process, and that an interview does not imply an automatic hiring. Our expertise in the Oracle DBA field spans a decade and a half, and all our instructors and trainers are seasoned DBA professionals.

We are offering various kind of interview questions oracle books. You can find out Oracle DBA interview questions book, Oracle APPS DBA interview questions book, Oracle RAC DBA interview questions book. These all books are well written by highly experienced and technical sound expert oracle DBAs. Our all authors of Oracle books are having more than 12 years experience and Oracle certified professional in different versions of Oracle. They have sound knowledge for conducting interviews. They are real time working professionals.

Here you can find our list of Oracle DBA career books.

oracle dba interview questions1. Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Author: Gitesh Trivedi

Edition: 5th (Release Date: Feb 27, 2014)

ISBN-13: 978-0-615-94784-6
ISBN-10: 0615947840

Availability: Paperback Edition

New Rate of Book: 50$ and after deducting discount 40$ for limited copies as introductory offer.

Latest Version and Edition of Book: Edition 5 with 450+ Questions and Answers including Oracle 12c Database.

Description: Excellent book for all Oracle DBAs  like fresher, intermediate, and expert Oracle DBA. Interview questions book covers all topic of SQL, DBMS, ERP Modeling, Database Administration, Backup and Recovery, New Features, Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting. Oracle DBA Interview Questions and Answers book covers Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g all versions. It includes all kind of TRICK and tough questions answers with REAL time scenario based questions answers.
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Interview Questions and answers for Oracle APPS DBA2. Oracle APPS DBA Interview Questions

Author: Gitesh Trivedi



Availability: On printing

Description: Awesome Interview Questions and Answers book, which covers all topics of Oracle APPS DBA. This Interview Questions book covers Oracle APPS 11i and Oracle APPS R.12.

Interview Questions and Answers for Oracle RAC DBA3. Oracle RAC DBA Interview Questions

Author: Gitesh Trivedi



Availability: On printing

Description: Wonderful and Awesome Interview Questions & Answers book for Oracle RAC DBA. Book covers Oracle 10g RAC and Oracle 11g RAC. Topics are covers like Cluster Management, Cluster administration, Operating system management, Database administration, Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Troubleshooting etc. It is most useful book for cracking Oracle RAC interviews.

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