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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can get reply for your common queries. We have tried to cover most of general questions and replies here. Kindly contact us if you have any other question or suggestion.

Q:- What is the course fee of online Oracle training courses?

Just select any of our online Oracle course and send us your inquiry using contact us page. We would share the course fee of selected courses.

Q:-How can I select my timings of online course for live instructor based training?

We are accepting very limited entries for each month for scheduling our time slots for every candidate. With registration we are asking your suitable timing or free timings and we are trying to set every candidate’s suitable timing with our available instructor timing slots. Don’t worry about it we would take care of it.

Q:-Can you re-schedule my missing lecture or session if I missed out due to some reason?

Definitely we are re-scheduling it again and restructuring same missing session once again. We are very interesting to provide our best services to every customer.

Q:-Suppose I got some query after finishing my live instructor based session how can I get reply for same?

We are enabling your login with our support center. You can send your query at any time. Our experts would solve your query.

Q:-If I want without live instructor based training course, does it available?

Yes. Online Oracle training courses are available without live instructor facility.

Q:-What kind of materials you are providing for learning courses?

We are providing detail technical notes with each topic and session of courses. We are also suggesting to reference books detail.

Q:-Are you providing support after finishing my online Oracle courses for resolving my queries?

Yes we are providing extended support after finishing your online courses.

Q:-How can I register my online course registration?

You should need to pay course fee in advance using paypal. After payment, send us your unique transaction id of payment with your contact detail to our sales department. We will send you registration form with your registration details and login details of online Oracle courses as well as our support center.

Q:-How can I pay the course fee?

We are accepting only paypal payment.

Q:-Is there any demo of online Oracle courses?

You can check our sample chapters in our blog section. This sample chapters only show the course designing. Due to demo, those are not completed. In online courses you would get better then demo with more contents and detail technical notes.

Q:-How can I get review of Online Oracle DBA training courses?

You can check sample chapters as well as customer reviews from testimonial page of site about our courses.

Q:-What about fresher job search assistance?

We are providing FREE Basic job assistance services to our register members. For more details kindly check following link for our job assistance services. You would get this service detail with your registration form whenever you are register yourself.

Q:-What kind of job assistance services is being offered?

There are two types of job assistance services offered by us. Basic fresher job assistance service which is including covering letter re-write, resume re-write, resume blasting, daily job search and apply. Pro fresher job assistance service is including virtual technical interviews and virtual HR interviews preparation and analyzing weak areas of candidate.

Q:-Why you are partitioning job assistance services?

In most of the cases, using basic fresher Oracle job assistance services is more effective. Candidate can get job using basic job search assistance. In very rare cases candidate may not selected by recruiters if found weaknesses. For eliminating those weaknesses and negative factors we are offering Pro job assistance services.

Q:-Is there any guarantee for job?

We are not providing any kind of guarantee for job because getting job is totally depending on candidate’s attitude and skill sets. We are offering full guidance and suggestions whenever it is required.

Q:-Does fresher Oracle job assistance service available for outer candidate or customers?

Yes, it is available for outer candidates and customers also. But for outer candidate it is not free. For more detail you can send your query using our contact us page.

Q:-What is the success ratio for getting job using your fresher Oracle job assistance services?

Almost 95% to 98% success ratio gets.

Q:-Why fresher needs job assistance and what I got from you?

Every fresher doesn’t get job due to lack of knowledge in job searching and applying. From the fresher job searching to recruitment the process is long. There are number of screenings and analysis is being taken by recruiters. Getting success in this process is demanding technical talent and art of skill. Talented and skillful candidate can also fail if he or she doesn’t have knowledge how to tackle with every situation. Expert team of Kendba is guiding and advising in every step. Kendba is searching job and applying on behalf candidate. Kendba sends candidate’s resume to authorized and well-known recruiters and consultants called resume blasting.

Q:-What is resume blasting?

Kendba sends resume of candidate to authorized, well-known recruiters and consultants. These recruiters are giving chance to fresher Oracle DBAs and fresher IT techies. Kendba is sending resume of candidate to around 300+ recruiters/consultants which are listed in company database. Kendba updates this database periodically.