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by Kendba Admin / Sep 13, 2011 / Published in Career Builder
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How companies are able to identify fake experience in the resume?

Many people are in a constant bid to look for greener pastures in their careers. The starting point is usually in creating curriculum vitae. Due to the burning desire of rising in to high echelons in the job ladder, one may fall into the temptation of faking information of his or her resume just to fit the requirements of a job there are a targeting. What such people do not realize is that performance forms the yardstick of security in employment and thus the employers always have something called a probation period to access the candidates potential, effectiveness, efficiency and reliability in handling the tasks that are provided to them.

It is worth noting that the organizations have got mechanisms of detecting fake experience that is presented in the resume. Usually the best and most effective method of clarifying that the information provided is accurate is by doing a thorough background check. This involves making calls to referees and companies mentioned in the resume.

Some of the typical lies that the candidates present in their resume include the following;

  • Job Ranking
  • Employment Dates
  • Salary Scales
  • Criminal Hostory
  • Fake Education Certificates
  • The Professional Licenses
  • Fake companies or ghost companies that are self owned

Job Ranking:

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Most of the candidates will issue them selves high job titles all in a bid to look more attractive to the employer. This can be termed as issuing yourself with a promotion other than rising within the ranks. At this point the prospective employer can easily tell whether the experience presented is relevant through the job related questions that they tend to ask. It is rather obvious that one may stammer if faced with a question that is way overboard. The employers at this point are very keen on realizing this pointers and weakness.

Employment Dates:

One may make slight errors on dates of employment while others may raise eyebrows. The employers is able to be in a position to analyze and identify certain discrepancies that may become eminent in the resume. During the interview or further discussions the employer may trap you with a question that involves dates which may leave you baffled or force you to provide information that is inconsistent with the data on the resume.

Inflation on Salary:

This is commonly done by candidates because prospective employers may not find easy to get background information on this. This is an infringement of ones privacy. Thus the sharp employees know this point and this capitalize on it to present fake salary information. The employer on the hand can verify the past job and determine whether the rank or title is equivalent to such a salary.

Criminal Records:

It is very difficult to find a candidate who will be open about his or her poor criminal background. Most of them lie of having a clean record simply because of fear of rejection. Employers usually perform a criminal background check to verify the information provided on the resume.

Education levels and professional certificates are also verified by the employer and if one has lied about it they can easily be caught.

Never try to make fake resume or show fake experience or any information in resume. How to write resume, your would get lots of consultants and tips from web. Write your nice and clean resume with highlight your skills. Resume is mirror of yourself. Always remember that, there are numbers of cv screening and resume tracking systems available in market. Third party scrutiny of resume is available in global market. You never knew that how HR departments are tracing your cv. Once you are caught after that your career affects.

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