A Brief Outline On Oracle DBA Salary And The Scope Today

by Kendba Admin / Sep 10, 2012 / Published in Career Builder
oracle dba salary

Database administration means, person who takes care of your important data and databases. There is vital role of database administration in global industry. Managing database, administrating database, tuning database, securing database, backing up database are main tasks of database administrator in database administration role. Oracle DBA plays very important role in 24 x 7 running database domain like banking, finance and telecomminication. Oracle DBA career is most important domain skill in this world. All kinds of DBAs are playing important role including fresher Oracle DBA.

Scope of Oracle Database Administration Career:

dba scope

Most of the businesses require database solution for the smooth running of their day to day activities. These servers are used to store a huge number of data. Certain data of the company are very confidential and therefore the security that offers for those servers is of great importance. Oracle ranks at the top when it comes to complicated and sophisticated databases in the world. Computer and information systems professionals take much involvement in learning and acquiring skills in Oracle. In short, to make more money you need to have a lifetime commitment to learning and implementing the ideas according to the technological developments and applications. At the higher level you need to have complete control over the development, implementation, enhancement and maintenance of databases. Your salary can vary based upon the project size and also the impact of the database with relevant projects. If you visit different websites, you can get more ideas about database administration and the salary for the same. At each level, you need to proficient in specific skills to have your salary on a rising scale. An ultimate thing is that you need to keep learning and updating your knowledge about databases and technology so as to make sure that you are in touch with modern technologies. Every company badly needs database administrator for maintaining their critical databases.

Oracle DBA Salary:

dba salary

Due to the high demands on database technologies, professional degrees and qualifications based on databases have become common these days. And, the role of a DBA stands prominent in any information systems project or activity in small scale or large scale computerization. Every time database vendors are introducing new features and technologies in every new version of database including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Teradata, PostgreSQL. For hiring expert database administrator, company always offers high packages. Oracle DBA Salary in Market is quite interesting as the pay for a database administrator equals to the salary of a vice president or even more. However, you need to gain enough experience and acquire all necessary skills. You have basic and master's degree in these areas and it sounds lucrative when you look into the salary. Regardless of whether you hold a degree in Database Administration, you can move to higher levels with your experience. But, if you a degree holder or specialized in any of the applications your chances of being promoted to higher levels are always high.

Some Figures of Salary Packages of DBAs:

Salary of fresher Oracle DBA starts with 40k to 60k in USA and in India it starts with 1.8 lac to 2.2 lac. Generally, in Singapore and Malaysia, fresher Oracle DBA gets around 3,000 SGD to 4,000 SGD. Due to this high raising salary trend, more and more candidates are trying to get in. This is main reason that Oracle DBA career is becoming more popular. But if we see another Database Administration jobs like SQL DBA, DB2 DBA, MySQL DBA, Teradata DBA then we can get actual figure that database administration career is providing high salary in all RDBMS. MySQL with advance technology like clustering is having also good demand and Teradata DBA has also own demand with paying good salary in market. If you see, recession figures of Europe, UK, USA countries then there were very few DBA lost their jobs (hardly 1% to 2%). This thing also indicates the highly secure DBA jobs in all over world. Due to these all reasons, dba interviews are becoming tougher for getting clear. During interviews, dba interview questions are asked very tricky and based on real time scenarios. Company offers good salary package but also asks high quality of skills with advance features and technology.

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