Getting Fresher Job is not Easy in Present Market

by Kendba Admin / Dec 25, 2010 / Published in Jobsearch
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Is there any Trick to get Fresher Database Administrator Job?

The day by day increasing awareness and education, has made the job market very tough. Every year thousands of freshers are passing out from one or the other universities. This is good to see that more and more people are getting educated but on the other hand it has changed the whole scenario of the Employment market.

Earlier it was very difficult for the employers to get the employees having the desired qualifications. But today there are many options available for the employers. Hence they have scrutinized the interview and selection process. Now there are many organizations which prefer the mailing of resumes instead of walk-ins. After examining the resumes they will be asking for the personal interview wherein they will be having multiple rounds of interviews. Many types of aptitude and technical assessment tests are come into existence in the Interview process of many organizations. The situation is that the companies are limited while the available human resources are getting increased one after the other years.

It is not TRUE that there is no opening available for Fresher DBA.....

We cann't say there is no job available for fresher DBA but we can say there is very limited opening existing now a days for fresher database administrator for getting job and get entry.

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Thus, this has become very important for the freshers to develop some additional qualifications and expertise other than the educational qualifications. There are many career assisting services providing companies that are providing some very useful materials and knowledge on how to win the interviews. Study the market about the field you are interested to make your career, the kind of skills sets that are mostly required by the employers. Do your proper homework about finding out the job where you can utilize all your skills. Always remember that you must choose the job of your own interest. Your profession must match to your career goal only then and then you will be able to enjoy the job you are working on. Otherwise there are many people who working for the particular profile but never get the job satisfaction and after some time just get fed up of the current profession.

At present it is very tough to get fresher Oracle job easily from market. Because applying for job is asking some smart skill like excellent covering letter, nice but awesome resume writing, approaching for apply in various job offers online. Another part is interview rounds and telephonic rounds. During telephonic call how to react with your present skills, how to communicate, how to manage these all are also main factors affected. Only studying technical course like Oracle doesn’t necessary for grabbing fresher Oracle jobs from market. We seen 80% failure cases for getting fresher Oracle job from market, even those have excellent technical skill set and OCP also.

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