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by Kendba Admin / Apr 2, 2012 / Published in Career Builder
oracle dba interview questions

Why I wrote this book:

I have seen so many older articles of Oracle DBA Interview on web. Those older articles are providing some good interview questions but answers are not proper and confusing because so many people replied on same thread with different answers. Most of replies are not valid and satisfying question.

Another important thing is that, all materials and resources on web contain obsolete Oracle DBA Interview questions because those are older than 3-4 years. During these 3-4 years so many another new features are introduced and interview questions are changing frequently by Oracle version.

Technical job interviewer always remembers their own requirement of company and team, this thing always keeps in their mind. As per their own requirement and environment consideration, they would ask technical interview questions.

Basic fundamental knowledge and new feature knowledge will give you success in any technical interview.

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About Tricky Questions:

tricky dba questions

Interviewer asks trick questions every time in any interview to analyze candidate’s knowledge and understanding skills. Smart candidate always is able to satisfy this kind of questions with proper reply. Interviewer always tries to confuse interviewee and if interviewer gets success then you won’t be selected. If you get success to understand and satisfy those queries then you would get job successfully.

About Real Time Scenario Questions:

Every interviewee is afraid for real time scenario based interview questions. It is valid reason for fearing because if interviewee doesn’t able to understand scenario based question then he or she is not able to address the question. Reason behind this, they didn't encounter with same kind of scenario or they are not aware of incident. Fresher and intermediate DBA is always being confused during real time scenario based interview questions and some intermediate DBA provides wrong reply due to over confidence. Actually, they are unable to understand question properly and make mistake.

Wrong Way of Interview Preparation:

People are thinking about Oracle DBA interview questions are very easy to get from online resources. Unfortunately, available online stuff is obsolete and interviewer is aware of this, which I stated earlier. Those all interview questions are totally used so many times by interviewer in past for older Oracle versions. Interviewer and hiring managers are also aware about online availability of those kind questions and answers.

Best Oracle DBA Interview Success Kit:

Best option is depth knowledge of Oracle fundamentals. You should need to aware of most of feature of Oracle database including all kind of disaster and performance bottleneck scenarios. Unfortunately, not a single book available to provide all feature related information and explanation with all version specific Oracle. You should need to buy multiple books to achieve this goal. Another option is Oracle’s documentation. Unluckily, Oracle documentation is too long to read and not easy to understand. If you find out any single book which covers all Oracle version features, including real time scenario based questions, trick questions with proper explanation in questions and answers manner then it is best for all DBAs and it acts as Success kit to grab job.

Real Job Interviews:

When I took technical Oracle interviews to recruit for some company as consultant, I seen so many confused DBA who has good knowledge but due to lack of confidence they failed. I have seen so many good candidates didn’t understand simple technical questions and replied wrongly and false answer. So many candidates are replying general answer which exactly not matched with question. If they are not able to understand simple technical question then how can we say they are doing best in tricky or real time scenario based queries?

I wrote a Book Oracle DBA Interview Questions as Success Kit for all Oracle DBAs:

Due to above all reasons, I tried to provide exact guidance to candidate who are interesting build their career and wanting to clear technical interview of Oracle DBA job. In this book, I provided some remember points, important marking and proper answers of questions which can satisfy interviewer. You can use this book as quick reference for all versions of Oracle which starting from Oracle 8i to latest version Oracle 11g. This book is one kind of Oracle DBA success kit for getting Oracle DBA job for fresher Oracle DBA, intermediate Oracle DBA, and expert Oracle DBA.

Up to latest 5th edition of Oracle DBA Interview Question book, I got so many replies from readers about their success to get job and how useful this book to their career. After getting such kind of feedback, I always become happy to my goal achievement to build successful Oracle DBA career.

Wish you all the best for your successful career.

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