Salary Negotiation - Most Important Part of Oracle DBA Job Interview

by Kendba Admin / Jan 24, 2012 / Published in Interview Questions
dba salary negotiation

Last and most important part of Oracle DBA job interviews (even of any job interview) is the salary negotiation. Negotiator acts for company’s benefit and you need to act for your benefit. Alas…!!! Sound is tough!!

No. It is very easy part of job interview. Only thing, you should need to act smart and take decision smart and quick. You should need to keep in mind following things carefully.

The negotiations are part of life for all. Negotiation means to reach an agreement with another person, both happy with the outcome. You know what negotiation skills? If not, why not try to find because most of our needs for the interaction of the negotiations. You talk about his girlfriend, where to go for lunch. You can talk to your colleagues, how to share the work. To negotiate prices for their customers and you have to tell your boss your salary. Let us discuss important test factors in the negotiations.

Using smart techniques you can get success in crucial part of negotiation

Understanding the need:

oracle dba salary

If you are a good businessman, then begin to understand the needs of the party. Only we understand to be. The first condition is to know what the other person wants. If you and your spouse argue with the restaurant to eat, to find his / her needs. Want to go to dinner or are looking for a long time? If the latter case, it is possibility of increasing the number of times.

Determine your needs:

You need to clearly explain to the defendant. Let them know exactly what you are looking for. If your boss knows that your needs do not increase real wages, but higher status, he / she can quickly find a solution. Therefore, it is to clarify their needs.

Contract Period:

This is because you are looking for both parties. If the two parts of needs, setting expectations of others can easily occur. The flexibility at this stage depends on how much you both have an interest in the negotiations. Those are two harmful effects of the relationship, flexible approach, the basic requirement. Otherwise, go to one of you. Take your skills as a negotiator, and the other half is a good result. You must develop good communication skills and understanding of thought and personality that drives us to action. Test yourself on these factors and see how good a trader?

Always Remember:

Always think positive during negotiation of salary meeting. Yes, of course, negotiator tries to minimize their budget to keep your salary lowest as they offer. But if you are carefully handling this chance then you can get maximum benefit. Salary negotiation is not tough part of job interview but it needs well preparation and smart work for making success.

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